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We have a very well equipped treatment room with the state of the art equipment. We have a broad range of procedures that can be booked every day and 90% of which are bulk billed.

  • Biopsy
    • The booking for a biopsy will be recommended by your doctor and they will advise the time required. Biopsy’s are bulk billed.
  • Careplans
    • Careplans are done in conjunction with our practice nurse and they will determine if you are eligible. (Bulk billed)
  • Desensitisation
    • We can arrange for your desensitisation to be done in the comfort of our practice and we will also store your medications for you. This service is bulk billed and we recommend booking in advance.
  • DriversMedicals
    • All of your drivers medicals can be done in conjunction with our Nurse. The billing for the drivers medical is determined by the reason and type of drivers medical. Please speak with our receptionist to determine cost to you.
  • Ear Syringe
    • We can do ear syringing for you as recommended by your gp and there is no out of pocket expense for this as it is bulk billed.
  • ECG
    • ECG’s can be performed by our Nurse as required and will be bulk billed.
  • Employment Medicals
    • We can compete your employment medical for you at our practice. There will be a cost associated with this which is determined by the type and time required. We cannot do drug and alcohol testing however if required we can complete the remainder of your medical and refer you for the drug and alcohol component.
  • Excision
    • We can perform the majority of excisions within our practice. Your doctor will advise what is required along with how long it will take. All excisions are completely bulk billed and there are no out of pocket expenses.
  • Health Checks
    • Health Checks are done in conjunction with our practice nurse and along you’re your Doctor they will determine if you are eligible. (Bulk billed)
  • Immunisations
    • All childhood and adult immunisations can be done in the comfort of our practice. We have fully qualified nurses with certified immunisation competency. All immunisation will be uploaded into the Australian Immunisation Record for your convenience. Should you require a catch up immunisation, we will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to ensure this is developed in conjunction with the immunisation board and adheres to Australian standards.
  • Implanon insertion / removal
    • The insertion and removal of implanon can be done in our practice and will be performed on request of your doctor. The cost of the implanon will be as per the chemist you choose to get it supplied. The actual cost to have the implanon inserted or removed will be bulk billed at no cost to you as the patient.
  • INR
    • You can have your INR levels checked at our practice. This is performed by our nurse in conjunction with your Doctor and will be bulk billed
  • Iron Infusion
    • We can undertake your iron infusion at our practice on request of your There is a fee for this service of $100.00 however it is rebateable to Medicare resulting in a much smaller out of pocket expense.
  • Mirena Insertion
    • We have female doctors qualified to do Mirenas and they can be done in the comfort of our practice. Please make an appointment to discuss your family planning with our doctors. If they do not perform it themselves they will arrange an appointment with one of our qualified female doctors. There is a fee of $130.00 for Mirena insertion and it is rebateable from Medicare.
  • Mirena Removal
    • Removal can also be done in the comfort of our practice and there is no additional fee for removal.
  • Spirometry
    • We can do spirometry testing at our practice. It is done by our nurse and is fully bulk billed.
  • Suture Removal
    • When you have had a previous procedure at our clinic we will arrange for a booking to have your sutures removed for you at no cost. However, if you have had your sutures done elsewhere just notify our staff on booking and we are happy to remove them and bulk bill the service ensuring no out of pocket expense to you.
  • Vensection
    • A venesection is done as requested by your doctor and is fully bulk billed
  • Wedge Resection
    • A wedge resection is done at your doctors request following consultation and is fully bulk billed.


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