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Skin Checks

Why Should I have a Skin Check?

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, accounting for around 80% of all new cancers diagnosed each year*. Our specialist Skin Clinic is equipped with the most up to date instruments for skin checks and skin surgery – and all check-ups are bulk billed, as long as you hold a valid Medicare card.

A skin check involves a comprehensive examination of the whole body. If you prefer, we’re happy to provide spot checks of small areas, although a full body check is recommended. A typical check-up takes 10 to 15 minutes, but in some cases may take much longer, depending on your skin type, and the number of moles and lesions which need to be examined – your doctor will spend as much time as necessary. If any abnormal or suspicious lesions are found, your doctor will recommend a plan of action, which may include applying ointment, or freezing; taking a biopsy; or removing the lesion surgically, which normally requires another appointment.

Most procedures can be carried out right here in our Clinic under local anaesthetic, and most are bulk billed – but if not, your doctor will inform you of this beforehand. So don’t put it off – even if you have no concerns, but have never had your skin checked before, make an appointment today for a fully bulk billed skin check.


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